3 Warning Signs Your Yoga Clothes May Be Making You Uncomfortable

Attending a public yoga class can fill any yogi with trepidation that they may not be appropriately dressed for the occasion. Particularly for beginners or those trying out a new studio, it can be a litmus test for your confidence to show up on your mat at all while worrying about your attire. Keeping your mind on your yoga practice is essential though, so what can you do about your clothing? 

Many yogis are hyperfocused on their workout clothing because it actually makes them uncomfortable. Keep an eye out for these warning signs that your clothes may be putting a crimp in your confidence.

1. Avoid Inversions Of Any Kind 

Avoiding an inversion that you know your body is physically capable of doing could be a sign that your clothes are making you uncomfortable. Whether you’re concerned with your classmates seeing a little too much skin or not having enough support in your top, an inversion does tend to leave you more exposed. Back out of this part of your practice daily, mainly if you practice inversions at home, it maybe a sign you need to search for clothing with more coverage. 

2. You Wear Tons Of Layers Even Though You’re Hot 

Do you find yourself sweating profusely during even the gentlest yoga class? If your clothing layers are the culprit of your unintentional heat, it may be a sign that your base layer is more revealing than you are comfortable with. Perhaps your yoga leggings aren’t a flattering cut, or your workout top is too low-cut. No matter what the reason is, adding unnecessary layers is detrimental to your practice. 

You won’t be able to focus on the intensity of your practice if your body is consistently overheating. Consider adding more pieces to your closet that offer better coverage, such as high-waisted Capri leggings

3. Your Breathing Isn’t Natural 

The breath is integral to your yoga practice, regardless of the type of yoga class you attend. You should be able to take long, deep breaths without feeling overly restrained by your top or yoga pants. Make sure that your yoga outfit is loose enough to allow you to breathe without pain or restriction, even when you move into poses such as the standing forward fold

Similarly, you need to feel like you can release the belly during a breathing practice instead of sucking it in to conceal a trouble area. Clothes that don’t make you feel confident enough to free your body naturally should be replaced with those that give you more poise in your appearance. 

Wearing clothing that makes you uncomfortable during a yoga class can seriously hinder your overall practice. Allow your time on the mat to focus on building your intentions and caring for both the body and the mind. If these warning signs are cropping up during your time on the mat, it’s time to start filling your closet with pieces you can feel confident and comfortable in.

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