It means being comfortable with who you are and acting relaxed around everyone. The more that you are confident and comfortable with loving yourself, the more you can love those around you. 

  • If you’re ever having a day when you don’t feel confident or good about yourself, or you even find yourself comparing to others, all it takes for you to gain some of that confidence back is one short workout. I know that it does the trick for me. Know that no one is you, and that is your superpower.
  • Comparing ourselves to others is in our nature, but if you really want to be successful in everything you do, think of yourself as being par with everyone else. Maybe it is daunting to think of yourself being equal to well-accomplished individuals who are senior to you. You might be more skillful with going in step with contemporary times. But respect them as they have probably experienced more. Be polite and respectful at all times. I guarantee that they can return you the favor if only you listen.
  • Next time, when you hang out with people who are considered to be more accomplished than you are, or in a different type of authority, prepare your mind to think that you might equally have qualities that benefit them.
  • Focus on why you are doing what you are. And I’m not thinking of monetizing things. Money is always the answer. I’m thinking of your passions behind your drives. In this way, feelings of inferiority quickly turn to equality. See how positively others respond to you, carrying yourself with an attitude that can help others.
  • Smile, it rubs on to others in all the right ways. Plus, it attracts an equally positive attitude from others.
  • Write positive affirmations at the end of each day or what good you did during the day to remind yourself that you do matter.
  • Listen to music that uplifts you.
  • Place yourself in a confidence bubble and know that things will be okay as long as you do your best.
  • Be confident in what you wear. It shows through when you know that you look nice.
  • Walk with your shoulders back and chin up.
  • Make eye contact with whoever you’re talking to.
  • Next time you’re at a social event, start talking to someone that looks like they could use some company or a nice conversation.
  • Take some time to clear the clutter from your life. Detox your body, phone, computer, and email account. It will help you get a clearer perspective on your life.
  • Be the best version of yourself. Know that you’re unique and that it is your superpower. Don’t compare yourself to others, rather focus on bettering yourself at anything and everything you do. Use their positive practices all you want; just add a personal twist to them.

Your superpower is you and everything that you are. You are unique. Actually, recognizing beauty in others will help you acknowledge the beauty within yourself and vice versa. In every situation life presents to you, know that a flower next to another one doesn’t compete with it, it just blooms. 

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