What Can the Pantone Color of the Year Bring to Your Yoga Practice

Interior designers and fashion designers alike wait in eager expectation to see what the Pantone color of the year is going to be. This color is likely to inspire many of the upcoming trends in both key areas ranging from furniture choices to outfit selection. The 2018 color was ultraviolet, an intense and beautiful shade of purple.

Yogis generally pay attention to color trends. After all, colors can help inspire your deep prana energy, affecting your mood and your overall zest for life. 

How can purple influence your mood?

One of the biggest advantages of the 2018 Pantone color is the balancing effect of purple. Many yogis struggle to balance the daily demands of their jobs, personal lives, romances, and their practices all at the same time. This ultraviolet shade of purple can help you remember to restore balance to your life.

This shade is a mixture of the extremely grounding and calming effect of blue with the passionate shades of red. Yogis are constantly reminded to remain grounded while pursuing their passions when surrounded by purple.

The medium-bright shade of purple represented by this Pantone may even help to boost your creativity and spirituality. It closely resembles the highly sought-after amethyst stone which is known for decreasing anxiety. When your mind is clear, it can open the path to more creative and intuitive thoughts.

You may even find it possible to connect with your higher self when surrounded by this beautiful shade. A delicate color that is also this vibrant can often represent fulfillment.

How can you add ultraviolet to your day?

It’s undeniable the numerous ways that Pantone color of the year could influence your daily activities. You will want to find some way to work it into your daily life, even if it’s in something relatively small.

Many yogis may find it too overwhelming to wear an entire outfit with this purple color. A pair of solid ultraviolet leggings may be too bold for some personalities to manage. Instead, you may want to consider some of the smaller parts of your outfit that could handle this prominent color.

Consider shopping for a piece of basic jewelry that contains some of this shade. It may be a chunky bracelet with a rich purple beading or a pendant necklace with a bright purple gemstone. This is a simple way to add a splash of color to your outfit without overdoing it.

You could also use a purple yoga mat, a new ultraviolet gratitude journal, or some other small elements that you will see on a daily basis.

The 2018 Pantone color of the year had a significant impact on my regular yoga practice. Don’t hesitate to find a few creative ways to work ultraviolet into your yoga routine the next time you head out to the store.

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